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Is this a good time to invest?

It will be. Since 1970 there have been eight (8) significantly identifiable opportunities. Once the world financial markets have stabilised the world will enter another growth phase. The point of maximum financial opportunity occurs when markets have been sold down, whereas the point of maximum financial risk occurs when markets reach the peak. Unfortunately no-one rings the bell at the top or the bottom of the market cycle. It is about positioning yourself for that change. Why not contact us now to arrange an appointment?

Common behaviours that threaten financial security.

For most investors, recent market volatility has resulted in heightened anxiety and concern. While the risks remain it is clear that many investors are being guided by an unprecedented level of fear and emotion. Fear, greed, indecision and regret are the emotions most frequently linked to harmful investment decisions.

In the case for planning for your future, there is a tendency that we’ve all succumbed to on occasion. It is the feeling of instant gratification that causes people to overemphasis immediate rewards at the expense of long-term needs. It is easy to make a decision today about your investments without comprehending the long-term opportunity cost of that decision.  We often assume that long-term financial commitments can be put off for another day. The earlier you act the more options you are likely to have when you reach important milestones.

Are you interested in making your mortgage tax deductable?

The “Wealth Creator” strategy, although used by many financial planners worldwide, systematically converts your “bad” mortgage debt into “good” investment debt. When used properly, making your mortgage tax deductable can save you thousands of tax dollars a year, and may even pay off your mortgage in half the time. Why not build a substantial nest egg for your retirement – without compromising your current cash flow situation. (Please note that this strategy is not for everyone.)

What do clients want from a Financial Planner?

People want a relationship

  • They are looking for someone to guide them through the financial maze and through the problems and to understand how these products can be used in that relationship;
  • For us to be your “Financial Architect” – to design and create a financial home that represents your future dreams and aspirations. We call the financial home the “Wealth Creator”
  • Our first meeting is at our expense; and so
  • When would you like to meet with us?

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